Lipgoss (X - Rated Collection)

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5 Explicit Lip glosses

These beauties are the perfect LUBRICANT for your lips.

FLOWRIDER: shade BLOOD RED  "A person who enjoys sexual intercourse that includes a persons menstrual."

GOLDEN SHOWER: shade SHIMMERING GOLD  "The act of pissing on another used as a means of sexual foreplay"

MILK MARIE: shade PASTEL PINK  "A promiscuous person, especially one allowing many to ejaculate inside them."

PEEP SHOW: shade NUDE SKIN PINK  "An form of erotic entertainment in which a performer or video is viewed through a lense as entertain."

STRIP TEASE: shade NUDE DAWN PINK  "A form of entertainment in which a performer gradually undresses to music in a way intended to be sexually exciting."